Thank you for a great concert last night!
I think everyone in the room enjoyed “the rehearsal,” the commentary, a comment from one musician ‘I’m missing the last page,’ the camraderie, the energetic and beautiful dancing, the songs that brought such joy to all and happy memories to conductor Pat, who was smiling so much of the evening. I enjoyed immensely watching Laura dance, who dancing style was breathtaking. Looking forward to the next concert!


We thought vocalist Val Rogers was GREAT! And we  thank you for playing ‘our song’. It is so relaxing to sit and listen to the music. And I love listening to music when I understand what they are saying.


“It was fabulous!!!!  First –  I could not believe your musicians’ ability to sight-read the way they did. And second – the synchronization of the singer, Val Rogers,  and the band who never performed together was amazing!  Val was VERY good  – a real 40s technique!!  She reminded me of vocalists from years ago!

Linda from Branford

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to the band last night.  It was the swinging-est and loveliest I have heard to date.  You had some big-time players for sure, and the drummer really propelled the band.  Nice work.  Glad we had a chance to dance, too.


I just wanted to tell you that the Woodbridge music you provided there was outstanding, not that the band doesn’t sound better any other place, but it was the acoustics, and the balance, the whole nine yards; it was unbelievable. I’ve heard big bands like yours, but this was right up there with them. This was exceptional

Charlie Solerno

I had a great time last night at Bill’s! And the dance floor was crowded ! Loved it !


I finally go to hear in person your wonderful music makers.  What a treat!  We both had a hard time keeping our feet still.  Every ‘piece’ brought back wonderful memories.


Overlook Farm was fabulous Pat.  Your music brought back so many memories.


We haven’t danced like this for years.

Dick and Mary Everette

I’m always happy on Monday!

Grant Briggs

Dancing to Tuxedo Junction tonight was well worth the trip from Avon.

Rosa Lee

I truly love all kinds of music with a partial to classic country, so LC Greenwood is no stranger to me. I ran over towards the stage to hear God Bless the USA first hand. Then your soloist (Val Rogers) jumped up on a picnic table and finished the song with the greatest of enthusiasm, passion, and patriotic zeal. I have to tell you, she got to me. That was the single most exciting moment for me in 29 years of the Guilford Rotary!


Oh I love Tuxedo Junction. I love to dance and I love to watch others enjoying dancing. Who would’ve guess that Monday evenings were going to be the most fun of the week?


I originally started seeing Tuxedo Junction,  on the green in Branford.. and now I have become a huge fan! Leave your busy frantic Monday behind and step back into timeless music. 
Seasoned, fabulous musicians of all ages, will entertain you as they participate in an OPEN rehearsal. 
What a great way to start the week…Mondays with Tuxedo Junction! Go… you will be pleasantly surprised and definitely entertained!! 


I just wanted to tell you that the Woodbridge music you provided there was outstanding, not that the band doesn’t sound better any other place but it was the acoustics, and the balance, the whole nine yards; it was unbelievable. I’ve heard big bands like yours, but this was right up there with them.

This was exceptional

Charlie Salerno

Tuxedo Junction’ is more than a great ‘Swing Band’, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend an evening out with friends. My friend, neighbor and former musician Grant Briggs,  heartily agrees! We look forward to when the music returns.  Be well.

Bob Dahill

Thank you for the concert last Monday.  Your pick of arrangements was great.  Big band music evolved in the 50s and 60s (I love it) and you put sets together that were all seemed to be from that era.  I like all big band music but, how many times can you listen to “In the Mood”?

I especially like the trumpet section all on flugel horns.  That is the closest thing I have heard to my favorite band (Stan Kenton in the late 50 and early 60s that featured your instrumentation plus 4 mellopohoniums).

Please come and do it again as often as you want.

Fred Donecker

I had a great time at the Farm.  I always do.  I love the band

Pat Lawlor

We stopped for dinner on our way home to Boston, and we couldn’t believe our luck.  A fantastic swing band! We dined and danced – what a treat.

Deb and Andrew Wheeler

Thank you again for such terrific music today!  You really made our event special.  You received many compliments. We would be delighted to welcome you back next year! Hopefully we will have a bigger stage that allows dancing!

Tuxedo Junction’s practice on Monday evenings at the Guilford VFW remains the best start to your week!! I love hearing the music from a great era! It’s beautiful to dance to, listen to, or tap your toes and reminisce! A fun 7:00-8:30!


Last night the orchestra sounded so full and robust! It was great!!


Band sounded terrific again last night! I loved all the dancing I got to do!


I just want you to know my week is incomplete with my Monday night music fix!! Can’t wait for Monday! Hope you had a good Fourth, and see you Monday night!


Thank you Tuxedo Junction for bringing happiness into my life. I cannot wait for Monday evenings!


Tuxedo Junction always sounds great week after week. I loved the female vocalist, Val Rogers. She sounded great. I always go to the website every week to find out what’s coming on Mondays.


I was feeling so depressed.  But it was Monday, so I’m really glad I came here tonight.(James Madison Restaurant) Here were all my friends, and the great music.  It helped me forget all my troubles.

Pat Lawler

What a lovely evening, and a great venue at Overlook Farm. When the band starts playing, I have to dance.

Toby Scott

It was magical! Being at Overlook Farm is splendid way to spend an evening.

Anna P

The evening was perfect, Pat

Barabara K.

I LOVE to dance to your band!

Myrna Thompson

What fun – a live band! Such a great sound, it gets me dancing again.

Laura Harmon

Ted and I went to the Tuxedo Junction concert last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sue and Brian Gillie were there, too. Pat Todd does a fabulous job of leading the band. The music is wonderful, and the setting spectacular, with lovely vistas, magnificent trees, old barns, etc., etc. You can either dance, if so moved, or just sit and listen to the music if you prefer. We didn’t try the food truck, but others told us the offerings were very good. What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening! So grab a chair and go. You won’t regret it.

Caroline Herrick